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If you are looking for campaigns that impact your audience and generate the results you expect, 360° Marketing may be the solution. Learn about the characteristics of this strategy and use it to generate more customers for your brand.


Why this term?

The term 360 degrees is due to the fact that this is how the amplitude and the closure of a perfect circle are expressed. At the same time implying that it takes a turn leaning on each of the tools that compose it.


What is 360° Marketing for?

Over the years, we have seen how marketing has been the main tool to make a product, a service or an idea a success. But have you ever wondered, what is the most efficient way to be recognized?

This type of marketing is one that tries to encompass all possible distribution channels, see television, newspapers, magazines, Social Networks, among others, to help you achieve a much greater reach than is commonly had, due to its 360° features.


Focus on your customers

The general population tends to be faithful to their favorite means of communication over others. Well, 360° marketing seeks a way to reach all kinds of people so that they spontaneously find out that your brand, product or service is present and in view of a potential customer.


Social networks

They play an important role within this technique, since the majority of the population are users of these networks, being one of the main means where you can have an impact on all those who spontaneously find what they were looking for without realizing that your brand is present where they least expect it.

Now that you have learned what 360° marketing is and its great importance within the media, do you think you need it? Let us know in the comments.

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